Mortgages Bergen County, NJ

Mortgages Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Home Mortgages in NJ?

Exclusive Properties Realty has been helping hopeful homeowners find Home Mortgages in NJ for over 30 years.

Purchasing a home can be a dream come true. But making a dream a reality requires a lot more work than just closing your eyes at night. Very few people can buy a home outright with what they have in the bank. Fortunately, Exclusive Properties Realty can help you secure the mortgage loan you need to make the dream of home ownership an affordable reality.

There are a few steps necessary for securing Home Mortgages in NJ. The first is a credit check. The better your credit, the better the terms of your mortgage will be. Once your credit has been ascertained, the next step is a down payment. Mortgages usually require for the buyer to pay a percentage of the home’s full asking price, usually anywhere from 0-20%. The higher the down payment, the lower the mortgage payments you will make later. There are also programs available to help veterans and lower and middle income families to get more favorable financing. Once your credit is ascertained and your down payment is secured, you will learn what you monthly mortgage payment will be.

All mortgage payments are divided into four parts: principal, interest, taxes and insurance. The principal is the portion of the actual purchase price of the home you pay every month. Interest is what you pay to the bank for providing the money for the mortgage loan. Taxes are due to the town and state where you leave and insurance is what’s necessary to protect your home from unforeseen catastrophes. Most mortgage companies won’t give you a mortgage if you don’t promise to have insurance on your home. Amortization options exist to adjust the size of your monthly payments over time.

Exclusive Properties understands that securing a mortgage can be a confusing and often difficult process and we will be there every step of the way to help you secure you mortgage terms you can afford for a home that is worth every penny.

To learn more about Exclusive Properties Realty can help you with Home Mortgages in NJ, call us at (201)796-7777.

Exclusive Properties Realty– Your Trusted Realtors for securing Home Mortgages in NJ.

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Mortgages Bergen County, NJ